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Explore the capabilities of ezAttendance, an advanced attendance management system designed to streamline your HR processes. Effectively manage shifts, simplify daily attendance uploads, and automate calculations for Late, Overtime, and Early Out with our cutting-edge employee attendance management system.

Attendance Dashboard

Unlock the power of streamlined attendance management through our Attendance Dashboard. This feature provides real-time insights into employee attendance patterns, tracks leaves, and effortlessly manages work hours. Our user-friendly employee attendance management software enhances workforce productivity, reduces administrative burdens, and ensures compliance with ease.

Upload Attendance

Take advantage of our ‘Upload Attendance’ feature to simplify attendance tracking. Seamlessly import attendance data, saving time and reducing manual data entry errors. Our user-friendly HR software empowers you to effortlessly manage attendance records, ensuring accuracy and compliance, all within a few clicks. Using our software will make your HR processes more streamlined and will easily boost your efficiency.

View Attendance

Our ‘View Attendance’ tool offers instant access to comprehensive attendance records. Effortlessly monitor employee punctuality, leaves, and work hours. With user-friendly filters and reporting options, our HR attendance management system makes it simple to track attendance trends, enabling informed decisions and enhancing workforce management for a more productive and efficient organization.

Duty Roster Scheduling

Transform employee scheduling with our ‘Duty Roster Scheduling’ feature. Our attendance management software simplifies the complex task of creating and managing duty rosters. Easily assign shifts, track availability, and optimize workforce deployment. Enhance efficiency, reduce conflicts, and ensure a well-organized and productive workplace with our intuitive and customizable scheduling tools.

Duty Roster Plan

Empower HR professionals with our ‘Duty Roster Plan’ feature, a comprehensive tool to create, manage, and optimize employee schedules. Streamline staffing, reduce conflicts, and ensure coverage with ease. Our attendance management system facilitates efficient workforce planning, enhancing productivity and employee satisfaction while simplifying your scheduling tasks for a more effective HR management process.

Experience the efficiency of our HRMS in Malaysia, where you can manage all of your human resources needs including leave management, employee database, payroll and more. Partner with us, as your reliable employee attendance system to enhance your HR operations using our HRMS to increase productivity and make your HR operations more efficient and organized.

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