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Explore the capabilities of ezLeave, your comprehensive HR leave management system in Malaysia. Easily manage leave types, allocate leaves with a click, and provide employees easy access to their balances. Streamline leave applications and approvals with workflow-based processes and email notifications. Set up your company’s holiday calendar seamlessly with our intuitive E-Leave management system.

Time-off Dashboard

Empower your HR team with our ‘Time-off Dashboard.’ Monitor and manage employee time-off requests efficiently, ensuring smooth workflow planning and compliance. Our HR software, a dedicated employee leave management system, simplifies time-off management with user-friendly tools and real-time data. Promote a balanced work environment while streamlining HR operations for optimal productivity and employee satisfaction.

Apply Leave

The ‘Apply Leave’ feature simplifies the leave request process for employees within our HR leave management system. Easily submit and track leave requests, customize leave types, set policies, and ensure compliance. Empower your workforce with an intuitive tool that promotes transparency, reduces administrative burden, and enhances overall HR efficiency. 

Public Holiday Calendar

Streamline holiday management with our ‘Public Holiday Calendar.’ Our HR leave management system provides a centralized repository of public holidays, allowing easy reference and integration into employee schedules. Enhance workforce planning, minimize scheduling conflicts, and ensure that your organization operates efficiently while honouring important holidays. 

Approval Workflow

The ‘Approval Workflows’ feature of our HR software streamlines and automates the approval process for a wide range of HR-related operations, such as leave requests and claims. Adapting processes to fit your company’s procedures can boost productivity, eliminate bottlenecks, and make HR management easier for everyone involved.

Simplify employee leave management system in Malaysia with our comprehensive solution. Besides the HR E-Leave System, we are also providing a wide selection of HRMS solutions which are payroll, attendance, and more. Partner with us to improve your HR operations now!

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