The Best HR Payroll System Software in Malaysia

Find out what ezPayroll can do for you, the best HR payroll software in Malaysia. This software offers streamlined pay schedules, customizes calculations, and simplifies payroll processing effortlessly. Benefit from our support for benefits-in-kind, LHDN standard MTD (PCB) calculations, and seamless statutory file generation.

Payroll Dashboard

Our ‘Payroll Dashboard’ is the core of our streamlined payroll management system. Our HR software simplifies the complex task of processing employee salaries. Access real-time payroll data, manage deductions, and effortlessly generate error-free payrolls. Enhance financial accuracy, reduce processing time, and ensure employee satisfaction with our intuitive and comprehensive payroll system in Malaysia.

Pay Runs List

Our ‘Pay Runs’ feature simplifies payroll processing in Malaysia within our HR software platform. Easily create, manage, and review pay runs, ensuring accurate and timely salary disbursements. Customize pay run parameters, automate calculations, and generate comprehensive reports. Streamline your payroll operations, minimize errors, and ensure employee satisfaction with our efficient and user-friendly HR payroll system in Malaysia.

Pay Runs View

With ‘Pay Runs View’ in our HR software, gain a detailed and transparent overview of your payroll processing in Malaysia. Access and review pay runs effortlessly, ensuring accuracy and compliance. Customize settings, track deductions, and generate reports seamlessly. Elevate the HR payroll system in Malaysia with real-time insights, enhancing financial precision and employee trust in your organization.

Generate Statutory

Our HR solutions software company simplifies ‘Generate Statutory’ compliance effortlessly. Easily generate statutory reports and documents, ensuring adherence to legal requirements. Stay up-to-date with tax filings, Malaysian government regulations, and statutory deductions, reducing compliance risks and fostering a smooth and hassle-free payroll system Malaysia experience for your organization.

Add Pay Runs

‘Add Pay Runs’ in our HR software streamlines payroll management. Easily create and customize pay runs, ensuring accurate salary processing. Configure payroll parameters, deductions, and bonuses with precision. Empower your HR team with a user-friendly tool that enhances payroll efficiency in Malaysia, reduces errors, and promotes employee satisfaction within your organization.

Our all-inclusive solution streamlines HR processes and manages leaves of absence with ease. In addition to our comprehensive HRMS, which includes employee records, claims, payroll, and attendance management system, we now provide a leave management solution. Work with us immediately to boost the efficiency of your HR department with the best software for HR payroll system in Malaysia. We are your ultimate solution to unlocking new levels of efficiency for your company!

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