Basic Information

1What is ezHCM?

ezHCM (Human Capital Management Made Easy) enables organizations to manage their most important capital, the Human Capital, in an easy and efficient way. It is a one-stop solution to employee’s records management challenges faced by companies and provides core HCM functions, Time Attendance & Time-off Management, hassle-free Payroll & Claims Processing. With an automated payroll system, reports are instant, records are kept online, and the overall process is simplified.

2Is ezHCM made in Malaysia and suitable for companies in Malaysia?

ezHCM is wholly developed in Malaysia. Its payroll module covers all the guidelines and standards set by LHDN for PCB calculation. Thus, making ezHCM apt for companies in Malaysia

3Why should I choose ezHCM instead of others software solutions?

ezHCM is a subscription based one-stop solution, focused mainly on making Human Capital Management easy for the organizations by providing easy record keeping and searching capabilities. ezHCM’s dynamic workflows makes different approvals easy to setup and track, be it leaves, claims or attendance approval.

4Can ezHCM run on multiple devices?

Yes, ezHCM can run on multiple devices at the same time. It complies with PWA architecture and can run on mobile devices.

5Does ezHCM require an installation or update?

ezHCM is a cloud-based solution and runs in a web browser. So, it does not require any installation or updates.


1What modules are provided in ezHCM?

ezHCM covers the all main modules needed for an organization, like core HCM (which includes, employee record keeping, organization setup), payroll, claims management, time attendane & time-off management.

2Can attendances data be uploaded to ezHCM?

Yes. ezHCM supports uploading attendance data Excel, CSV or tab-delimited files.

3Does the software can be accessed through mobile phone?

Yes, ezHCM can be accessed through mobile phones as it is designed to be responsive and mobile-friendly. Plus, it complies with PWA architecture and can be installed on mobiles as an application.

4Does ezHCM support multiple company structures?

Yes, ezHCM supports multiple company, multi-location structures.

5Can ezHCM be customised and configured based on requirements?

Yes, ezHCM supports customization and configuration based on clients’ requirements.

6Whom to address if there are any issues or queries related to ezHCM?

Any issues or queries can be sent to our support team @support@datawiz.com.my. Our support team thrives to provide quick response to any queries.