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With roots all the way from 2006, we started as Datawiz Consultancy Services. As an established Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) provider, we worked to create and develop lasting software solutions for our clients.

From ERP Solutions to Network Management, and IT Team Outsourcing Services, we were there to provide it for our clients and help them achieve steady growth and success by increasing efficiency and advancement in their technology.

Our knowledge extends specifically to an HR solution called ezHCM. As a committed player in the area, we have developed our expertise in designing cutting-edge HR software and systems to meet the changing needs of modern organisations. Our dedication to becoming a top-tier company that provides HR management software is shown in our comprehensive services, which are designed to accelerate human resource procedures and increase organisational efficiency.

We became experts in our field; with knowledge of the latest and technologically advanced software development systems, especially in the realm of HR solutions. Our goal is simple: to be a world-class Malaysian company dedicated to providing first-class IT solutions. We also strive to broaden the reach of our company’s offerings by providing the best HR solutions software to a global audience.

Our corporate name Datawiz is symbolic of “Data”, reflecting the company’s pursuit of data management-related opportunities, and “wiz”, signifies the company’s talent as a wizard in managing any kind of data through our off-the-shelf products and customized solutions.

To be successful in today’s competitive marketplace for business, you need a trustworthy HR solutions software company as your partner. To better support organizations, we have developed various HR solutions software to manage staff data efficiently, leave, claims, payroll, and attendance management.

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Company Vision

Our vision is to be a household name in ICT and Software Development Solutions not just in Malaysia, but the whole world.

Company Mission

Our mission is to help you with our effective and efficient solutions by offering first-class IT services and business solutions for any industry.

Core Values

“Streamline Your Business Processes.” We are committed to provide Simple and Flexible solutions to help our customers streamline their Business Processes.


The Team Behind the Vision

Allan Carter


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Laura Nicky

Account manager

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